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The ERP portal contains ERP systems and ERP Implementers. Vendors are able to update our site with basic or enhanced information at no charge. The enhanced listings link to a separate web page that includes contact information, number of employees, office locations, classifications and industries supported. Some of the implementers have been certified for a particular industry based on a successful implementation with our client(s) and a case study by 180 Systems.

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ERP software implementation should be an ongoing continuous improvement project with specific objectives, goals and milestones along the way. Unfortunately, many companies get disappointed when all the potential benefits promised by the software salespeople aren't immediately realized at "go-live". That's because the goal of many software companies is the sale of the software, not necessarily your success with it.

Synergy strives to turn that upside down, by first focusing on your specific business improvement objectives, and matching those with the right software tools and services to achieve them. The ERP software we use to help you achieve your business goals is solid, time-tested and designed specifically for manufacturing companies, yet flexible enough to meet your unique requirements.

The services we offer are focused at the highest strategic levels, tactically at the operations level, specific workshops and training, simply on the application being implemented, or any combination thereof.

Systems Supported

Industries Supported

Industries marked with a check have been certified based on a successful implementation for our client(s) and a case study completed by 180 Systems.
  • Manufacturing