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The ERP portal contains ERP systems and ERP Implementers. Vendors are able to update our site with basic or enhanced information at no charge. The enhanced listings link to a separate web page that includes contact information, number of employees, office locations, classifications and industries supported. Some of the implementers have been certified for a particular industry based on a successful implementation with our client(s) and a case study by 180 Systems.


LillyWorks is the 4th ERP system invented by Dick Lilly, creator of ProfitKey and VISUAL Manufacturing (now Infor VISUAL ERP). LillyWorks is a complete Manufacturing ERP system from Quote to Cash. Of special note is LillyWorks embedded shop floor scheduling methodology called "Protected Flow Manufacturing" (PFM). PFM simplifies shop floor scheduling by delivering an easy-to-use priority system to ensure that all of your orders get out on-time, in less time, every time. PFM also has a future-looking planning tool that helps companies see bottlenecks and constraints far in advance so they can address them before they become a problem in real-time.

LillyWorks also supports real-time job and inventory costing, flexible, multilevel BOM's and Routing supporting convergence and divergence in the routing path.

LillyWorks has fully-integrated Financials or a QuickBooks interface.

Protected Flow Manufacturing is also available as a stand-alone scheduling tool that will integrate with any ERP.

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